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Petrodena Serva Consulting Engineers Company relies on the experience of its partners and the relative knowledge of the technical and economic environments in the domestic and international fields that have accomplished more than thirty years of service in important sectors of the country’s industry to improve existing barriers and improve performance. Internal & External Scenes & Mission To accomplish this mission, the company is now able to provide all the necessary services in the following areas, in all areas where they have been successful in accessing the following specialties and possessing their extensive capabilities.

  • Department of Design, Implementation and Supervision, Testing and Commissioning
  • Department of Energy Management (Audit, Designer Carrier) and Energy Consumption
  • Department of Commerce, Supply and Delivery of Goods
  • Finance and Finance Group

In view of the above, the company is ready to participate and cooperate in all the above mentioned fields and if the respected authorities are ready to do any of the above, they will be proud to perform their duties.


Offering our services

Of our activities

Petro Dena Servo Company was established in and started on the basis of the strategy developed and at the beginning of the same year it successfully concluded a contract with Yasuj Construction Organization regarding the water supply studies of the village and the following projects were carried out and delivered.

  •  Studies, design and implementation of Dorohan Village Supply Plan
  •  Studies, design and cost effective implementation of the Tudeh Village Supply Project
  •  Studies, design and implementation of Darshahi Village Supply Plan
  •  Studies, Design and Cost Estimation of Implementation of Jalil Babakan Village Supply Plan
  •  Studies, design and implementation of Abadegah Village Supply Project Implementation
  •  Studies, Design and Cost Estimation of Implementation of Shalal Don Khan Ahmad Village Supply Project
  • Performing several feasibility studies and preparing proposals for executive companies
  • Supervision of installation and construction projects

Overview of the above services

  • Perform value engineering
  • Design and supervision of oil, gas and petrochemical transmission lines
  • Energy management, audit of industrial and commercial centers and factories and supervision of process installations in production areas and optimal solutions for all energy consumption and cost savings
  • Design, Supervision and Implementation of Surface Water and Wastewater Installations and Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants for Reuse
  • Human Resource Management (specialized in technical and administrative areas)
  • Financing and Procurement Management of All Projects (MC)
  • Preparation of technical and financial proposals for projects related to the above sections
  • Preparation of bidding documents and consulting in the field of preparation of domestic and international technical and financial contracts
  • Supervision and workshop and all the procedures for installation and temporary delivery and temporary delivery.
  • Participation in finance projects and contractual definition of projects in accordance with the country’s banking and economic rules and regulations

Central Office

Address: Unit 5, 3rd Floor, No. 56, Ibn Yamin St., North Sohroudi Ave., Tehran

Phone: 021 88739215

88743845 021

Fax: 88503465 021

Website: www.petrodenasarv.com

Email: info@petrodenasarv.com

PetroNasero Consulting Engineers (Pvt.), With valuable experience gained from many years of continuous work in the field of management, consulting and implementation of oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater pipeline projects, as well as all the activities in the downstream industries. Correction and enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption systems including fossil energy and renewable energy and proper utilization of electricity generation and consumption resources in industrial, educational, administrative and residential installations and extensive cooperation with local and domestic companies. Internationally, the ability to provide all the services necessary for the various stages of Farah ‘s industrial and development projects Has made.

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