Managing Director

Rasoul Salmani

Mr. Rasoul Salmani is the Founder and Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors of PetroDenaSarv Engineering Co. in Tehran, Iran.

He has extensive experience in the various management of Iranian National Oil and Gas Companies and National Iranian Gas Export Company as one of the valuable managers currently focused on the company. He is the Managing Director of PetroDenaSarv Company as Vice President of Development and Quality Management. And manage a few projects and international negotiation topics on all technical and execution fields, contracts and finance, and project procurement.

Mr. Salmani has been very attentive to the strategic plan components, and his new projects are fulfilling his duties at Adeli, taking into account the experience and knowledge of the legal and financial environment, as well as high relationships with the private and public sectors.

He has specialized in chemical engineering of gas industry tendency since Abadan Oilfield since 1981 with Ministry of Petroleum in various technical and executive units and management in more than 100 projects of direct participation and executive responsibility and very thorough knowledge of oil and gas industry in marketing. ِ Design and deliver large pipeline projects and pressure relief and pressure reduction stations as well as important optimization and fueling projects in Egypt and have all the necessary internal and external standards in this area, especially in the field of international trade and natural gas trading, and Experience CNG, LNG تجربه LPG and many years in international negotiations These products as engineering manager and head of international monitoring missions were involved in gas exports.

For major national gas company projects such as gas booster stations, gas transmission lines of varying sizes up to 56 inches have been successfully managed and successfully completed and are fully operational throughout the process.

During thirty years of continuous and valuable service in the Ministry of Petroleum, he has participated in numerous training courses in technical and specialized fields and management in the country and abroad and has performed the assigned tasks.

Due to his expertise in engineering and information technology and administrative and financial relationships, it is important for him to regulate the activities of the company in all cases.

His other specialties include:

 Full knowledge of the principles of management and supervision of individuals

 Full knowledge of domestic and foreign sales issues

 Ability to produce a variety of reports on corporate sales

 Ability to identify existing and emerging export markets through the study of global markets

Innovative and innovative solutions to new and inexperienced problems

Ability to work with computers

 Ability to communicate with government agencies and private institutions to advance matters

 Introduction to the Internet

 Introduction to e-commerce

 Full knowledge of the rules and regulations of business affairs

 Ability to communicate and communicate with different departments and units in the company and outside organizations to perform current tasks

 Ability to produce reports and statistics related to management

A complete knowledge of English in Business and Commerce

Central Office

Address: Unit 5, 3rd Floor, No. 56, Ibn Yamin St., North Sohroudi Ave., Tehran

Phone: 021 88739215

88743845 021

Fax: 88503465 021



PetroNasero Consulting Engineers (Pvt.), With valuable experience gained from many years of continuous work in the field of management, consulting and implementation of oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater pipeline projects, as well as all the activities in the downstream industries. Correction and enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption systems including fossil energy and renewable energy and proper utilization of electricity generation and consumption resources in industrial, educational, administrative and residential installations and extensive cooperation with local and domestic companies. Internationally, the ability to provide all the services necessary for the various stages of Farah ‘s industrial and development projects Has made.

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