Finance and Business Manager

Saleh Salmani

Mr. Saleh Salmani, a shareholder of Petrodenasarv Pars Trading Engineering Company, is a member of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer and is based in Tehran, Iran.

Due to his background in consulting engineers in the field of technical and computer engineering, he has gained extensive experience in the use of personal abilities and auxiliary training and has mastered business and financial management techniques and is responsible for Contribute to business strategy development and finance, finance and business matters and do all the business.

His other specialties include:

– Full knowledge of the principles of management and supervision of individuals

– Full knowledge of domestic and foreign sales issues

– Ability to produce a variety of reports on the company’s sales affairs

– The ability to identify existing and emerging export markets through the study and study of global markets

– Innovate and design innovative solutions to new and inexperienced issues

– Ability to work with computers

– Ability to communicate with government agencies and private institutions to advance matters

– Getting to know the Internet

– Introduction to e-commerce

– Full knowledge of the rules and regulations of business affairs

– Ability to contact and communicate with different departments and units in the company and outside organizations to perform current duties

– Ability to produce reports and statistics related to management

– Full knowledge of English in the field of Commerce

He is responsible for the personnel of procurement, property and all finance, with regard to his / her experience and personal and social capabilities.

Central Office

Address: Unit 5, 3rd Floor, No. 56, Ibn Yamin St., North Sohroudi Ave., Tehran

Phone: 021 88739215

88743845 021

Fax: 88503465 021



PetroNasero Consulting Engineers (Pvt.), With valuable experience gained from many years of continuous work in the field of management, consulting and implementation of oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater pipeline projects, as well as all the activities in the downstream industries. Correction and enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption systems including fossil energy and renewable energy and proper utilization of electricity generation and consumption resources in industrial, educational, administrative and residential installations and extensive cooperation with local and domestic companies. Internationally, the ability to provide all the services necessary for the various stages of Farah ‘s industrial and development projects Has made.

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