Management Group

  • Manage energy and optimize consumption and reduce current costs in industrial, commercial and residential complexes and residential towns and hospitals and hotels by applying relevant standards and implementing engineering solutions.

    Energy Management - The rational use of energy and planning to optimize energy consumption is particularly important given the heavy burden of government subsidies. Since 1994, the first step towards energy efficiency optimization activities in the country has been taken and various actions have been taken in this regard. With the release of the international standard of energy management ISO 50001: 2011 and some successful domestic and global experiences deploying this system to overcome the current problems of optimizing energy consumption and reducing energy consumption costs and reducing energy costs, the Ministry of Environment is a full-service company. Use its knowledge to advise, implement and coordinate and supervise the implementation of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 standard in all public and private subsidiaries of the country and to take the following actions in order to make its activities more effective. The section defines: Identify and design strategies and plan and coordinate with relevant management Establishing the necessary infrastructure for the optimal deployment of a standard energy management system (consultation) Audit and Certification on Implementation of Energy Management System Implemented at Different Levels

  • Water and Waste Management

  • Managing the supply of human resources

  • Executive and financial management and procurement of all projects

  • Supervisory and Workshop Supervision Management and all stages of the project installation and commissioning and temporary delivery (MC)

Central Office

Address: Unit 5, 3rd Floor, No. 56, Ibn Yamin St., North Sohroudi Ave., Tehran

Phone: 021 88739215

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PetroNasero Consulting Engineers (Pvt.), With valuable experience gained from many years of continuous work in the field of management, consulting and implementation of oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater pipeline projects, as well as all the activities in the downstream industries. Correction and enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption systems including fossil energy and renewable energy and proper utilization of electricity generation and consumption resources in industrial, educational, administrative and residential installations and extensive cooperation with local and domestic companies. Internationally, the ability to provide all the services necessary for the various stages of Farah ‘s industrial and development projects Has made.

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